I first got hipped to these kids while picking up a pair of kicks at my local sneaker shop and saw them on the cover of Vice. Lately I’ve been on this total Riff Raff/Worldstar craze and watching all these horrible bad videos of woman, braids, money, guns but awesome 808’s, snares and hooks. I read up on them, checked youtube and found this short series on them documented by the folks over at ViceTV.  It was a promo video for the new Harmony Korine film entitled “Spring Breakers“. The original trailer really didn’t sell me much on seeing the video despite being a big HK fan but these clips of the ATL Twins began to make me more intrigued.  I read the bad reviews which meant I might actually enjoy it and guess what!? I did! Great movie!
Get to know em!

twins atl 4

(content via Vice)