Thank you LA! 30 years of celebrating Style Wars KCRW style complete with the assistance of Mear One, Risk One, Dcypher, Hit+Run, the staff at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science and Pam/Taryn/Brian at the events dept at the station!  Big thanks to Mear who went beyond the call of duty in making this as authentic as possible!   Big love to The Next Ones for the b boying.  It was an honor to discuss the film with the co-director Henry Chalfant who broke down the science and of creating such a film. SKEEM One was also in the house talking about how his views on graff have not changed much. He has one of the most memorable scenes in the movie as well as quotables. Catherine Keener was in the house as well and discussed the work involved in the restoration of the doc. She mentioned the Beastie Boys were hard at work giving a hand to the doc.  I had a blast observing LA come together on such a wonderful Summer day!   Big thanks to everyone again!

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