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Here you go! Had a nice chat with Sango regarding his latest album entitled “North“.  While the entire internet and twitter feeds were dissecting Kendrick’s verse on the unreleased Big Sean track,  Sango dropped knowledge regarding how his family was very inspirational, adapting to new chapters in his life and the process of creating his latest project. Take a listen and make sure to download this exclusive dj mix! And go cop the album!

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Sometime in late 2011 or early 2012 I got my hands on a track called “Spoon“. It was hypnotic, soulful and sexy fused with house beats and synths. I became curious as to who created this track and thats when I got hipped to Rudimental. The song was on rotation on my Monday night radio show on KCRW and then the band dropped Home, a 12 track album with each song nothing like the other. It was an exploration of House, Electronic beats, Drum B Bass and so forth. 2 Years later the album went gold, topped the charts in the UK, touring the States and building a buzz.

We discuss the transition of being 4 young lads, working day jobs and now being in a position of creating and paying homage to the past. These young producers were not just super humble discussing their journey, but acknowledging that they are where they are based on hard work and sacrifice. I also love how they acknowledge their inspirations and forefathers of music such as Goldie, Shy FX, Todd Edwards, 90’s R&B and many others. Hope you enjoy this short but informative chat! And buy the album! It’s dope!


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SF’s King Most and I got to chop it up about his inspiration behind his re-edits and re-directions while in town for some dj gigs. We also discuss Chris Brown, MAD Magazines and so much more. Check out more of his mixes + redirections here. Hope you dig!

Yesterday Dj Sun swung by the Venice flat yesterday to hang and mellow out during his LA hang which included a set at Amoeba and Motown On Mondays at The Shortstop. Houston is home by way of Rotterdam and various other regions of the world.  We talked about his preference of vinyl only dj sets, the gratification of hard work devoted to One Hundred, his latest album out now and his appreciation of having a daughter who is set for college!  Big things. Take a listen to our conversation and make sure to download his guest dj set! It’s available!  Enjoy!

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This interview was recorded in the summer of 2006 on KCSN. At the time I was doing college radio. It’s a bit crazy to listen to this interview considering the time and era we lived in. 9/11 was still fresh on our minds,we were prepping for a second term of of G.W and we needed change. You can hear Fly Lo introduce the seeds of change during this interview. He proclaims with all his heart that LA and laptop producers will take over. Almost 9 years later Fly Lo’s prophecies hold true. And he is indeed a general with the release of his forthcoming release entitled “Until The Quiet Comes” which is just amazing from start to finish.