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After a long day around town with Derek Taylor of The Park/Wallpaper,  we ended up at the Sayers Club kitchen to catch last Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad. Derek is not only an amazing drummer, funny dude but possibly the biggest tech geek ever. During the broadcast he and his band were on some kind of Google + chat recapping thoughts during commercial breaks. Absolute nerdery! Don’t worry there are hardly any spoilers in this rant but we both agreed that the pacing of this season is moving full steam ahead! What do you think will happen as progress further into the close of the season? Hit me with your thoughts! You can also follow Derek on twitter at @derekgtaylor.

This shot of Derek pretty much sums him up . Shot by Holly Port


Sometimes this nightlife thing can get you into conversations and situations that you just cant write into movies. But other times you find your self having a human interaction with another human being in the midst of a mid life crisis. Last night I met a gentleman at a venue with his side piece. Meanwhile his wife was hundreds of miles away with his family. Hope you enjoy this week’s rant.


This movie brings to light the life of Oscar Grant. It provides the humanity behind a man who has become a symbol. I enjoyed it although I was not as moved as I thought I might be possibly because this type of story is common where I come from. The bad guys always get away with a slap on the wrist. I would love to hear your thoughts! Let me know what you thought of the movie.


Wow! Todays rant was suppose to be my thoughts on my very first photo exhibit at Gabba Gallery but en route to the show I found out the verdict in the Zimmerman trial and well, that just messed up my day. Rather than share my 2 cents in 140 characters or less I figure Id just record a rant while driving home after a dj gig. Hit play and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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I have always wrestled with ways of sharing views on current and community affairs. Especially since I am trying to refrain from the “political” guy with views” and the older I get the more simplistic I get in my own speculation. I thought about writing blog posts but I thought I’d take it one step further thanks to my Soundcloud app on my I Phone. From here on out I will voice my thoughts on things that are happening in the news and might even record some discussions on topics that affect our community.  The camera will still be in hand but capturing ideas, arguments and the voice is my time capsule of a moment in time.  Join in on the conversation and add me on twitter. I would love to make this as interactive as possible as well as hear your thoughts and responses.  I also want to stress that these opinions reflect my views and only my views. But most importantly I want to experiment with the means of creating dialogue.  Hope you dig!

Rant # 1 The Media, speculation, opinions and Trayvon Martin