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I had a fun 30 minute conversation with these two regarding utilizing your tools during a live performance and the pacing of your create ideas. It was truly a lot of fun nerding out with Alanna and Maylee. Our ability to hop around a million ideas and subjects in a matter of minutes was everything I hoped it to be!  Hope you enjoy.


Here we go! Back in the game.. No guests, just one on one convo’s with the voice in my head reflecting on daily challenges as a creative, content creator and music lover. Previous episodes of my podcast can still be found on my soundcloud page. (Thanks Chance!).  Life is moving fast and Im learning so much as I proceed. Wether it’s on the tech side of things, traveling or heading out to dj gigs, I see things that I want to share with you. I present to you, Say, No More Fam, The Podcast for the Stuck Creative. 

The Prelude:



Episode 2  – THE IDEA



Episode 4 – Patience


Episode 5 – Charlottesville

Episode 6 – Dont Post, Chill!



Long time Community music curator Eddie Cota is the master mind behind this creative entity that explores LA’s relationship with current affairs, music, artistic movements and how the local scene is influencing the world.  Long time buddy Novena Carmel and I host and Episode 1 features an LA newbie who approaches music in a very unique way. You might know his work via Antibalas or his previous releases that explore world sounds with 808’s and bass.  Hope you dig our chat w/ Chico Mann.

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