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Tonight we proceed to keep LA nice and warm! Swing through to THE GOODS at Zanzibar for you chance to dance with Mr or Ms Right on the floor! KG Superstar is on the mic w/ yours truly on the decks.  And drop me a line for guest list love! It’s easy. You send names, I reply and we are good to go! 

* Guest List – *

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What a night! What a night! Energy was turnt up and folks got down with us for another fam bam Friday night edition of The Goods. Big thanks to KG Superstar for always bringing the healthy juices to balance out the slice of pizza I grabbed en route to Zanzibar. I usually take a walk around the block before hitting the turntables and I could already hear the crowd inside going insane to a pre mix I had made earlier in the day. I walked into to see about 50 people losing their minds and then it was time to take it up a notch.  We hope to see you next week for our final jump off in 2013!  NYE 2014 I’ll be bringing the party to the Cana Rum Bar in DTLA! Shoot me an email for details and hook ups!! Drop me a line for guest list next week!

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Big thanks to Jaz for snapshots!




This past Friday night at THE GOODS at Zanzibar was a true family affair! We had dance circles, soul train lines and dance tests in the building all night long. Big love to all the friends we got to see celebrating another end of the work week with us. We do it again this Friday night! Bring a friend or make a friend. Drop me a line for guest list love!  Hope to see you!

*** Guestlist – ***

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TONIGHT!  Friday December 6th!

It’s The Goods at Zanzibar with yours truly on the turntables with a record bag full of gems and KG Superstar holding down the mic duties. It’s a bit chilly out there in So Cal so swing through and shake your rump with the Friday night fam bam!  Drop me a line for guest list love! You send, I reply and you are good to go!  Hope to see you!

* Guest List – * 


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