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More Valadventures across the Southwest with my I phone in hand. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for the real time experience of meeting strangers, crazy videos and randomness.

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Made this at 3 am this morning after my radio set.

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The Hungry Whale | By @anthonyvaladez and @taystries

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Good morning Venice Beach! America! Earth!

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Follow my adventures daily (or hourly in some cases) on my instagram account.  From airports to nightlife and simple walks with the dog, you really never know what you might come across (as displayed below).  I also house some of the content on my Ello page as well.  And if snapshots are not your thing, no worries, you can catch me dropping sounds tonight (Monday) on 89.9 FM in LA. That’s all. Have a great day! A few of these shots were snapped by Holly Port but 90% of what you see is from my I phone.

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Every Tuesday I like to spend some time on the computer and post up my KCRW playlist and then walk on over and grab coffee. So I head over to Menotti’s and grab an almond latte. Walking over there is always an adventure along the Venice Boardwalk. I get inspired by all those strangers who travel miles and miles to walk along the path that most locals take for granted. Anyhoo, today I broke out the iPhone and snapped some shots. Totally random!


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I’m not longer 19. My body now aches after back to back to back to back gigs. Between all the events and sound checks I kept the I phone close to snap some shots around town and wallah! Here you go! Peep below. If you follow me on instagram odds are you might have seen a few of these. Hope you dig!

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Bike accidents, Grand Performances, Reddit, Chinatown Summer Nights, lots of Mark de Clive Lowe, Nu Mark, Club nights, The Peterson, friends, strangers, etc etc. Follow me on Instagram! Some of these snapshots pretty much sum up the past week. I really need a week or two to recover from all the fun. I’m starting to enjoy capturing moments on the I Phone vs my SLR camera. Spontaneous moments are less thought out shots and just about being more in the moment. Hope you dig.


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It’s been an amazing past 3-4 days of exploring the area and sitting poolside on a solo vacation. Tomorrow night I’m rocking the turntables at the JW Marriott/ Renaissance Hotel party  which should be lots of fun! It’s also my last day before heading back to LA on Friday to rock Zanzibar. Big thanks to Collin for reccomending Tulum to me. I rented a car and ventured an hour south and found the amazing ruins site. The energy was strong. It’s amazing to view this site before your eyes. Back in my Chicano Studies courses I read about these sites but once you stand there and take it all in you really feel the energy of a proud people who who managed this amazing landscape with hard work. Government and religious ceremonies took place on this land. It was also where trade would take place. I hope you dig these snapshots! OHH!! And my new crack is jet skiing!!!! Shout outs to my homie Pablo and his crew for the unlimited usage on the beach! I love this!!!

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Day One of rehearsals for this big show is done. We finished rehearsals and I instantly headed to the Lower East Side to snap some shots and grab some Bao! Baohaus is the spot! Managed to break out the camera and take a walk for several blocks.  Quite the contrast from my last trip along Interstate 15. Hope you dig!

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Have you purchased the new album In Search Of yet? Have you seen the amazing video we shot in New Mexico w/ Miles Bonny? Well director (and fellow Dj w/ me on Wednesdays at the Line Hotel) Yash Dhillon is back with a new video for the next single featuring vocalist Bird. Yash works his magic with some ladies and I’m excited to announce it drops Wednesday! Here are some behind the scenes snapshots we took. Be on the look out for the new video!


DSC_0032 DSC_0052


New snapshots and video this Sunday’s jump off at Insert Coin(s). Just landed into LA and I need a serious nap! It was awesome meeting all the incredible folks who came out and got down with us. The Knocks rocked it. Big love to all the staff and dancers who got down! The dancers below were amazing and I had to break out the GoPro! Peep!

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Day two of the Miles Bonny video shoot for the new album. Big thanks to Yash for making the journey with me and directing what I feel will be an incredible video for “Searching For” off my new record which drops March 18th! As usual, the camera was close by and I managed to snap some shots along the way. I also got to meet first hand folks who have decided to be off the grid and build their own homes. It’s an amazing experience to hear these stories of solitude, happiness and gratitude to be close to the Earth. I also got to link with the amazing Gifted and Blessed and recorded a future podcast episode with him and explore his Earth Ship tucked away in beautiful town of Taos. Hope you dig these snapshots.

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Things are moving super fast! A little fast. I had this great talk with Levi Maestro last night about the concept of time. We recorded the chat for a future podcast but it’s really interesting how we put time into perspective. Anyhoo, when things get crazy I tend to break out the camera for some piece of mind. Hope you enjoy these snapshots. No theme, no photo essay. Just what I see along the way this thing we call life.

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After djing at Cana Rum Bar last night I had this urge to take some snapshots. The night felt right and I had this new Blood Orange cd on repeat. I wish I had brought my camera but instead settled for these I phone snapshots. Hope you dig.

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I’m not sure where to begin but we only live once and all I want to do is take snapshots to document this roller coaster ride. Just got back in to LA and last night was a super blast that included pyro, alcohol, folks raging hard all under a desert sky far away from home. Last night had the potential to turn into the Hangover 4 but instead was.. just another night under the desert sky far away from home.  Perfect and much needed!  the next morning  I had to rush through TSA just to find wi fi to hear my segment on Here and Now. Did you hear?  I think hearing the songs in the segment made me a bit more relaxed. But once I got home it was awesome to walk Smedley and smell the Venice air!

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Last night in Brooklyn was incredible! This whole trip was incredible. It was great to see soo many friends from all over the world come out and get down with us! The jump off at FREE CANDY was something. Big big big love to all the folks at Redbull Sound Select // Move Forward Music and Plug Research for making this event happen.  ALL the acts were incredible and different from one another. I got to see my faves Tanya Morgan and Amp Live but got introduced to the sounds of Rat King, Pegasus WarningYC the Cynic, Wavy Spice, The Ton Tons, Emily Bell. Myth Sizer and his crew got the crowd moving and it was nice to finally meet and enjoy Denitia and Sene in the flesh!  And a big shout out to Wavy Spice the Versace Hottie for her flows! She knows how to work a crowd.

On another note, I am humbled by the amazing turn out of friends who came out and I got to see. Brooklyn really showed love and it was an honor to get the crowd moving through out the night.  It was also great to meet so many listeners of my radio show and fans of my blog as well. Sometimes when Im in the basement I really have no clue as to who is listening but after last night It’s very evident NYC is all ears!  Big love!  Until next time….

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Finally the weekend is over! Prepping for a 2 day vacation far from home before it’s time to hit the grind again. Chinatown was fun! Big thanks the HM Soundsystem for having me!  LATIDO was fun! The Goods was super cracking! Saturday was wild at Sunday was perfect at Sayers. These are some of the snapshots I took along the way.

 **  Ps.. Hope you might join me tonight for our weekly session on KCRW at midnight. **
Live tweeting over at @anthonyvaladez.

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Crazy weekend. I had no idea that lack of street mixed with self inflicted anxiety could make your right eye ball develop pressure. The dj residencies were all super fun and cracking. I was super bummed to hear about what went down Saturday on the Venice Boardwalk though. Peep the snapshots.




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I am back up in the bay. Thanks to the kind folks behind the Fiesta Frida party at the Women’s Center for bringing me up to play.  Traveling to get there was a bit of a challenge due to cancelled flights into the bay but I made it!  The minute I got to the room I hit the sack. Thanks to King Most for little tour of the pies, pop and the infamous crepe truck! Speaking of King Most, peep the blog tomorrow! New podcast with the SF dj/remixer/rico suave lad up on the blog tomorrow!  Hope you enjoy these snapshots!

DSC_0068 DSC_0017 DSC_0020 DSC_0021 DSC_0023 DSC_0026 DSC_0053 DSC_0063

Seems like you cant go wrong with catching the sky in an Instagram pic. I managed to catch all these shots on my I Phone from LA to NY, Coachella to Venice Beach. The sky always amazes me. Some of these pics look like they could have been taken on Mars or another planet. My grandfather use to tell me his favorite time of the day was the magic hour, when the sun would set and created magical colors in the sky. Hope you dig these!  Follow me on Instagram! Username is Anthonyvaladez.



Great way to start off the day bypassing the Italian Day Parade on 7th Avenue and exploring Washington Park and I met the Birdman. This brother was really cool and loved the birds. I think upon first glance I could understand why this might freak out some folks but I appreciated his love for the birds. In such a chaotic city it was nice to see his affection for pigeons.