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Day Two was a little more hectic as we walked around and searched for some cool bands! NUVOtv Fam Bam was in full effect shooting scenes for a future episode exploring Austin on the music and locals front. First up was the amazing and angelic Ely Guerra at the House Of Vans Mexico Showcase. Her presentation captivated the audience and was a much needed break from the madness on the streets. We then had a quick stop at Stubbs BBQ where I fell in love with the wing sauce! Moving on we hit up Pitchfork’s Show No Mercy Showcase where it was super loud. Tons of shredding, guitar solos and thrashing! Next up was Haven to see Banks who has easily become a Monday night KCRW favorite with the release of Warm Waters. The crowd was definitely feeling the set and vibes. I was equally impress with The Preatures who opened with a high energy set that reminded me a bit of the Yea Yea Yeah’s mixed with the official soundtrack of Footloose. Loved them! And last but not least another night with Machinedrum. This time it was a dj set. Big day ahead tomorrow! Check back for more snapshots!

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Just waking up after a long night on the town and what a night! After a day of travel and meetings with the NUVO production crew I cruised around Austin and then found myself at AT&T’s Mobile Movement show featuring Reggie Watts, Sza, Machinedrum and Dj Shadow! The minute I saw these names on the bill I figured how impossible it might be to get in. Got in the badge line which circled around the block and within minutes I was in. That’s when that old SXSW badge magic began to kick in. Reggie Watts always blows me away with his comedic elements and soulful organic vocal made tunes. Top Dawg Entertainment’s latest signee Sza rocked the crowd with her melodic sounds while Machinedrum was impressive sonically! Dj Shadow, well, It’s DJ Shadow!!!






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Easily my favorite track on his debut Good Kid M.AA.D City. I use to play this track nonstop on my radio show. Then listening to him on a panel with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson at SXSW really allowed me to gain more respect for him. But back to this track! The guitar licks and those rim shots fit perfect with K’s vocals which layer just right over this vibey track. Great to see a promo clip for this track long after the release which made my number one slot of Best Albums of 2012!


Walked in just in time to catch Bun B of UGK doing Big Pimpin followed by Pusha T perform some Clipse classics and his verse on Mercy and then Kendrick Lamar rip through his catalogue of mixtapes before dropping verses from his Good Kid M.A.A.D City album.  It was a treat to hear him speak the day before with Elliot Wilson.  Texas Hip Hop shows are always fun when surrounded by the youth of the city. I managed to work my way in through the crowds and found a nice comfy spot only to find myself standing next to Austin Dj Chicken George. Small world!



Sometimes at SXSW you just have to be at the right place at the right time. I found myself in line with some great folks who provided optimism of getting into the free exclusive Depeche Mode show at Brazos Hall in Austin.  In support of the new DM album, the band held an awesome chat a few days back at the Convention Center discussing the history of the band as well as personal reflections of standing the test of time. It blew my mind!
But to watch the band perform new songs off the new record as well as a couple classics was absolute heaven! Peep pics!

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Crazy day! It’s been a minute since the first batch of SXSW batch of pics were posted. Kicked things off with Poolside followed by a panel with Clive Davis who I listened to across the way while waiting for the Kendrick Lamar X Elliot Wilson chat to kick off.  I have to say it’s refreshing to hear a current and important emcee admit he is shy and enjoys being in the cave. It’s also great to hear Kendrick speak of the importance of longevity in music today. This was a great chat to be heard by lots of young ones in attendance.  I also got some shots of some cool interesting folk!  Enjoy!

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