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Easily my favorite track on his debut Good Kid M.AA.D City. I use to play this track nonstop on my radio show. Then listening to him on a panel with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson at SXSW really allowed me to gain more respect for him. But back to this track! The guitar licks and those rim shots fit perfect with K’s vocals which layer just right over this vibey track. Great to see a promo clip for this track long after the release which made my number one slot of Best Albums of 2012!


Looking forward to hearing this dude on LA radio. In the spirit of Pun and Joe we have Bodega Bamz who flaunts his gold and bling in addition to his spiritual beliefs. Bodega brings the spirit of the 90’s packaged with 2013 808’s and snares. the vocal flip on this cut is nuts!  His hunger is evident and peep his interviews. He is open about his not being into drug dealing and cracks a realness that is found in very little rappers these days.  His flow’s and cadences are on point filled with rawness. Looking forward to hearing more from Boedega!


New Nikki Jean! And this video is super awesome! Great concept for a great tune. Hope you dig!  Shout outs to Double O for passing this my way. Fresh off her Pennies In A Jar release, she is back with new material to keep us hungry for the rest. Looking forward to hearing more from the amazing Nikki Jean! 


Sometimes I just dont get Tyler the Creator and Odd Future. But every time I try to write off Tyler he some how comes back with a formula that earns kudos points with me EVERY DAM TIME!  His twitter feud with Will I Am is pretty fun to watch and again, Tyler scores more cool points with me.  But it’s this video that showcases his directing talents  with “Glowing”.  Word is his manager Chris Clancy played the song for him on a plane and Tyler was drawn to the song and decided to shoot a video for it.  But wait! How incredible is this song?! How incredible are the lyrics? Piano? The artist of the actual song is unknown which makes me scratch me head although I think its fair to see he has a forthcoming album on Capital.

The song has been out and floating on the net but finally a video which features the two rolling around in a drop top. Chance is really shaking up 2013 with his ACID RAP mix tape, feature on the new Red Hot Fela feature and appearances on HOT97.  This time around we see him with electro soul crooner James Blake for an interesting blend of two separate worlds that work perfectly.

LMNO strikes again w/ production assistance from Evidence. Ive always loved LMNO’s flow. I remember being in college and having his albums in rotation. Perfect theme music for a clueless freshman seeking some kind of wisdom in the form of boom bap. Evidence never ceases to amaze me with his production work.  And this video!?!?! Super nice and creative.